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Serenity Day Spa & Salon Beauty Pros

Ruby Avey


I had the excitement and pleasure of purchasing Serenity in December 2017. I love the atmosphere we have the opportunity to offer our wonderful clients. I truly enjoy being able to offer so many great salon and spa services in a serene beautiful setting. Favorite Service: how can a mother pick her favorite child?? I really love experiencing our massages, facials, manicures and more. Favorite Product: Since we switched over to Danne' SkinCare, I am amazed everyday how everyone's skin is looking and feeling. Favorite Quote To Live By: ``This was such a huge undertaking, but I am a firm believer if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.``

Debra Parker

HairStylist, Nail Technician

I started my beauty career in 1983 but recently joined in Serenity in 2018. I absolutely love the professional, yet fun atmosphere and love being surrounded by very talented co-workers. Favorite Service: Any haircolor. Favorite products: Everything from CHI. Favorite Quote to Live by: Matthew 24:44 - ``So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.``

Melissa Moon


I have been working creating magic at Serenity since 2018 but started on my beauty path back in 1996. I love the laid back, uplifting, great atmosphere in addition to the location our customers are the absolute best. Favorite Service: HairColor because you can make subtle or dramatic changes for my clients and when they look in the mirror and light up when they see their new color. Favorite Product: Big Sexy Hair Finish Drops. Favorite Quote To Live By: ``Keep the focus``

Gabriella Franklyn


I embarked on my career in esthetics in 2010 and joined the amazing team at Serenity in March 2018. I have fallen in love with the clients that come into our salon and spa. I so enjoy taking care of each one and forming new relationships with them. These new friends/clients make every day going to the spa the sweetest. Favorite Service: we offer at Serenity is for sure the Danne' facials because my clients are always amazed at the results!! Favorite Beauty Product: is the Biogen-C Creme, hands down. Favorite Quote To Live By: That's ok, I'll make it work. I say this about 100 times a week because it works in so many situations. Rather than let a problem bother me, I like to just adapt and move on.

Rachel Fronck

Massage Therapist, Esthetician

I started my career in beauty and wellness in 2012 for massage and went back to school in 2017 for esthetics. I love being a part of Serenity because our amazing atmosphere. I have the world's best clients. Favorite Service: To give and receive my answers are the same, the 90 minute massage and any facial.

Lindsay Mutchler

Massage Therapist

Started at Serenity in 2018. I appreciate the opportunity that Serenity has given me to grow in this field. I enjoy being able to provide therapeutic relief for clients to help them feel their absolute best. Favorite Service: Deep Tissue Massage. Favorite Quote To Live By: ``When 'I' is replaced with 'we', even illness becomes wellness.``

Wendy Johnstone

Massage Therapist

I began my massage career back in 2001 and joined the Serenity Team in 2017. I love coming to work everyday because there is a feeling of welcomeness as soon as you enter the door. I love being with extended family who have the same priority, to help clients needs to their best of our ability. Favorite Service: Swedish Massage. Favorite Quote To Live By: ``Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. Life is about learning how to dance in the rain``.

Sarah Pennington

Nail Technician

I started my nail career in August of 2015 and started at Serenity as my first professional beauty salon. I enjoy what I do and the warm and family friendly atmosphere at Serenity. It is so fun to work in a peaceful, friendly environment and I love my co-workers. Favorite Service: Shellac Manicures. Favorite Professional Product: Hempz Lotion. Favorite Quote To Live By: ``Nothing worth having in life comes easily.``

Shelly Lamp

Lead Receptionist

I joined Serenity in 2018 and just love getting to work with our beautiful clients everyday. I love helping each person find the ideal match with their beauty pros. Favorite Service: Have to say I am a tad bit jealous when one of our guests finishes up with a 90 minute body massage, as that's my favorite treatment to experience. Favorite Quote To Live By: Don't sweat the small stuff.``

Tracy Burcker

Administrative Assistant

I love being a part of Serenity, because we have an amazing group of people who are knowledgable in their field, and have a common goal of making every client feel special.

Favorite Service: I love all the services but my favorite is definitely getting one of our body massages.
Favorite Product Offered: Hemp Lotion
Favorite Quote To Live Buy: Treat others as you would love to be treated.

Lexie Lemay


I joined Serenity in 2018. As a receptionist, I see first hand how new guests respond and react to our amazing, lovely environment. Favorite Service: Any Body Massage! Favorite Product: Hemp Lotion, you will find it in my bathroom to use every day.

Ashley Roberts


As a current beauty school student, I love that I have the opportunity to start my career early by working as a receptionist here at Serenity. I am seeing first hand how real beauty professionals work hard every day to make every client look and feel beautiful. Favorite service: The Swedish Massage. Favorite Products: Everything from the Hemp Brand. Favorite Quote To Live By: I am going to make everything around me beautiful and that will be my life.``